The North Cariboo Agricultural Marketing Association was established in May, 2006 to work towards the creation of a North Cariboo Farm Tour Brochure that resembled the Farm Circle Tour Brochures (www.circlefarmtour.com) in the lower Fraser Valley. The organisation chose FARMED as its acronym with each letter defining a characteristic of the organisation (F = Farming; A = Agriculture; R = Rural; M = Marketing; E = Eco; D = Diversification). The founding members of the group were three local agri-business owners / operators and very quickly, the need for a regionally based agriculture, co-operative marketing association was recognised. In May, 2007, FARMED became registered as a not-for-profit Society in British Columbia. Since the completion of North Cariboo Farm Tour Brochure, FARMED has taken on, and completed, many successful projects.

FARMED is governed by the Society Act of British Columbia. It has an Executive comprised of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer with a Board of 7 Directors. The organisation typically meets monthly for networking and to update its members on opportunities. To this date, the group has remained grass roots, industry lead, progressive, fiscally responsible, and believes in the success of partnerships and working together to achieve goals. FARMED is an exciting and rewarding organisation to be involved with.

FARMED membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the goals of the organization; however, our geographic focus is the North Cariboo region, from Nazko in the west to Barkerville in the east, McLeese Lake in the south to Strathnaver in the north.

For additional information on FARMED, and / or membership, please email info@farmed.ca or check out our Membership Page.