About Us

The North Cariboo Agricultural Marketing Association (DBA “FARMED”) was established in 2006 and is overseen by a volunteer group of persons interested in and dedicated to the diversification of agriculture and the products and experiences associated with rural living.

The North Cariboo has a wide range of events, products and experiences that will interest you and your family. Many North Cariboo farms and ranches offer activities, and products year round.

FARMED is proud to be the lead proponent of the North Cariboo Agriculture Awareness & Marketing Project.  To learn more about this project click on this link:  http://farmed.ca/north-cariboo-agriculture-awareness-and-marketing-project/

In January of 2014 FARMED formed a sister operation called the Growing North Cariboo Society. To learn more about how these organizations are working together through collaboration to promote agriculture, local food production and food security throughout the North Cariboo click on this link:
FARMED and GNC Flowchart – May, 2015